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yorkburgStaying at the Yorkburg Manor Bed and Breakfast is as comfortable and exciting as visiting old friends; like feeling at home though on vacation; as cozy as waking up as a child at your grandmother’s house. I called ahead and begged my way in as they were closed that Saturday to attend their son’s wedding. On the phone, Judy York said, “We won’t be home, but we’ll leave the front door open for you. There’s food in the refrigerator; help yourself. Your room’s at the top of the stairs. If we don’t see you tonight, we’ll catch you in the morning. Make yourself at home.”

Now that’s my kind of place!

Owners John and Judy York bought the house in 2002 for $500! It was vacant, boarded up and in terrible disrepair. Their goal was to renovate it to the condition enjoyed by its original owners Nicholas and Louisa Kneiper and their five children.

The Yorks worked long and hard to make and match the original woodwork, to redo the hardwood floors and to completely renovate and decorate the home to fit the style of the era. It was built in 1896 during a time when neighbors gathered to help each other with barn raisings, quilting, thrashing and corn and shedding bees. Winter gatherings were just for fun. A story is told that the neighbor who lived farthest away from the host would pick up the rest of the neighbors on a horse-drawn sleigh. Nicholas Kneiper liked to snap the reins of the horses so they would jump, throwing riders from the sleigh into the snow.

All content and images were borrowed from the Yorkburg website. Please visit them at: http://yorkburgmanor.com/

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5721 N. Broomhead Rd.
Williamsburg, Michigan 49690
Office: (231) 267-5464
Toll Free: (877) 310-9675

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